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Beer & Pub Sector UK Regional Impact Study

Oxford Economics

Rural Impact

UK East East Midlands North East North West Scotland South East South West Wales West Midlands Yorkshire & The Humber
Employment256,00237,27223,2041,59322,42121,622 43,51337,14516,46028,54624,227
Wages£3387m£552m£267m£22m£279m £256m £644m£435m£198m£429m£305m
GVA£5073m£803m£363m£32m£374m £407m £948m£678m£301m £747m£421m
Direct employment172,87122,826 16,0211,06216,037 15,610 29,57825,70411,05918,94316,030
Under 25's78,90610,521 7,0105167,233 7,449 13,34012,6244,2148,7647,235
25-4456,5778,002 4,2332444,863 5,767 10,3418,1284,9895,1164,894
45+37,3894,303 4,778302 3,942 2,395 5,897 4,9521,8565,0643,900
Taxes paid3,596424 21815 207 227 405316516612 656

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Here you will find a wealth of data on the positive impact the beer and pub sector has on the UK as a whole - and on every region and parliamentary constituency in the country. All the data is the result of a major study undertaken by leading consultancy Oxford Economics.

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The figures presented on this website are drawn from a comprehensive study of the economic impact of the brewing and pub sectors carried out by Oxford Economics for the British Beer & Pub Association.

Oxford Economics is a leading economic consultancy, and the British Beer & Pub Association is the UK's leading organisation representing the brewing and pub sector. Its members account for 96 per cent of the beer brewed in the UK and around half of Britain's 52,000 pubs.

Further details of the study can be found here.